[SOLVED] How to create Coinbase account?


How to make coinbase or other bitcoin wallet account without original ID card or any other alternative way, Please!

Need help to make bitcoin wallet 100% original, doesn’t matter coinbase!

Your comment will be appreciated!


I’m not sure but I guess you might check out https://localbitcoins.com .


Purchase a hardware wallet like Ledger nano s, or trezor.
It will cost in between 6000 or 9000 INR, But it will be better and secure.

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You can create bitcoin wallet from other than coinbase too. You can use blockchain. It do have mobile app as well as web portal. For more secure wallet use hardware wallet which will cost you 100$.for now as you have said any wallet then blockchain will be good to go.don’t need any user id for account. :slight_smile:


The underground way would be using Doc Fullz from deepweb it would cost around $10-$20 and get the KYC done!


Is it still worth it to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum at this point? Ok one can do profit but what I am looking for is a life changing one. I prefer to invest into an alt as the ROI would be much higher. From the loads of whitepapers I read (think read nearly 135 of them) Chainlink seems the most promising in terms of usecase/s and partners. Smart contracts are the next goldmine at least from what literature is hinting too.

Anyone with any feedback on investing in any crypto kindly pour your thoughts.