[SOLVED] How to create a PayPal account in Pakistan or in Such Country where it is not available?

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Now, Actually i want to create a PayPal account But its not allowed in Pakistan. How can i create Paypal account. Because, im a freelancer & hosting Provider I want to provide my customers PayPal as payment gateway.

is there any solution??? Please guide me!

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#1 If your work is legit, then there is only one solution to that!

If you have the ability to travel to Dubai, open a bank account and simply signup from UAE. This is how 90% of the people who are using PayPal in Pakistan are doing it. They use their Payoneer card to validate the signup, but the payout is on the UAE bank account (which is now allowed by PayPal). It takes about Dhs 3,000 on average to open an account in UAE with Internet banking access.

#2 PayPal account in Pakistan – Definitive Guide to make and verify PayPal account

Make your own verified PayPal account in Pakistan - Link it to your Pakistani bank.

Step 1 – Get a UK based SIM card, from your mobile phone:

Yes, that is right. You can get a UK based SIM card from your mobile phone. All you need is this APP to get a verified UK based number.

Please note that you do not have to use TEXT-ME app for this purpose, you can use any app or service online to buy a UK based number.

Skype also provides international numbers.


This step is completed as soon as you have an international number (UK based). You are one step closer to creating your own verified Paypal account in Pakistan.

Step 2– Create a Bank Account Online:

Isn’t this interesting? You have to go through a lot of documentation before opening a bank account in Pakistan. Well, it is not the case if you need a bank account in one of these developed countries, such as in the UK.

All you need is an app or the web portal of one of these two banks that are based in the UK,

i- Monzo Bank (Site Link)
ii- Revolut Bank (Site Link)

These two banks allow customers from anywhere in the world to open a bank account for them. You might need to provide them with an address that should be based in the UK.

If you are looking to make a PayPal account in Pakistan, you should be able to get a UK based address. This won’t be easy for all of you guys, but it should not be impossible.

Talk to someone you know, find someone who lives in the UK, it may be a relative, a friend or a friend of someone you know.

Come on, you can do this much, right? Most people who need Paypal account in Pakistan are actually businessmen or freelancers. I presume that finding a UK based address won’t be a hell of a job for such people.

Now, back to the account opening process. See the following infographics to complete your bank account process with Monzo, preferably.

Step 3 – Now make Paypal account in Pakistan using these details:

This is the final step. Now you have all the ingredients that are needed to make a Paypal account in Pakistan on your name.

i- Use UK as your base country while selecting the region.

ii- Use the address that you previously put in your Monzo bank account.

iii- Use your Pakistani Passport to input identification details.

That’s it. You will have a verified Paypal account in Pakistan if you complete these steps in the right order.

Conclusion of creating a PayPal Account in Pakistan

Okay now, you have learned all the steps required to create a verified PayPal account in Pakistan. If you need further help or guidance related to any of the steps, just write your questions in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

#3 Purchase a verified PayPal account!

  • Buying PayPal full verified account is great option for accessing it on Pakistan .
  • PayPal bought from BuyVBA you can access from VPS given by them . * VPS comes with USA IP
  • Accounts are made with so efforts so you wont face any issues in future * BUYVBA provide accounts comes already with original documents So if paypal will ever ask for identity doc you can upload them

Review for Buyvba


Psst: I haven’t bought anything from them, that’s why I have posted the review above. I would say research more before you make any purchase with them.


Wonderful, Thanks alot dear…

But can you clear my one another question. Payoneer also provide usa bank account, So can we use that bank account in any case or trick to create a PayPal account?

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It was working fine in 2017, but in fall 2017 they changed their policies, now you cant attach Payoneer bank account or even a transwire bank account with paypal, both are virtual banks meaning they are not a actual bank account opened in a physical bank. if you try to attach payoneer or transwire bank account it will be attached and your account will be verified but as soon you request the payout they will limit your account put your balance on hold, mine $160 is stuck in paypal due to this,

I hope it helps you, you can try the method mentioned above,

PS: I am a pakistani too :slight_smile:


Thank You Nadeem_Ahmed for sharing your valuable Experience. <3

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Kindly, read this post, I’ve waited for the right moment to spare it so maximum repliers can read it and get the fair possible solution. (Trusted as well)

The secret is here: And the most updated tip is here considering the UK sim number, which means if you get lucky then there is a bank that can let you get amounts of money easily. without any hold or further verification. no one hasn’t named them here so far.

  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Standard Chartered
  • Silk Bank

You can research them by visiting the main branch near you, just ask them for instruction and ask for requirements, (business statement required must) they will also give you a method to attach one. Just be nice and honest to them.

Lastly, how I know? because a friend of mine has researched and he had made the account, from the last 3 years (like in my above post I have mentioned how, read it carefully), what makes it easy for him to do that? his brother’s friend living in Birmingham England, he just got the number from him and back then he verified it via Standard Chartered Bank.

Anyways, I must mention, these 3 banks need the maximum security, fees, documents to sign an account. so don’t forget to miss anything!

Love you all, be happy, send money, take money, money money honey honey :crazy_face:

Good luck! :+1: