[SOLVED] How to change Mobile IMEI Number.?

How to change Mobile IMEI Number.?

it’s against the law in many juridstictions … unsure if such a question could be answered here.


Check this thread out, it will help you! :slight_smile:

IMEI number is stored on chip which can’t be change once the phone is in production. During development of a chip developer use special tool to change it and usually these SW are disconnected. IMEI number is used during attaching phone to cell network. If it is all ‘0’ then network will not accept the handset. Actual IMEI which is send to network can be seen in the network logs or if you use passive testing equipment which is used R&D labs and is out of reach to common man, even to service centre.

To change the IMEI number you need to inject in the underlying protocol stack while the stack is powering on. Usually this API is not provided by well known chip vendors. Also, on OS level it needs root access, if you are able to get the tools for this.

Some app claims that it can change the IMEI number. But, they just make it in display of your phone. Also, even if this type of app works on a handset, it most probably will not work other handset, because the API is different from vendor to vendor.


First, your android phone needs to be rooted.
Then download chameleon apk


before performing this I would like you to know that I have personally seen cases where triangulation is done for detection of IMEI ,do at your own risk or better do it in a sandbox environment as told earlier imei cannot be changed it a hardcoded thing in hardware what you can do is mask it .

p.S also perform root cloak to falsify root

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