[SOLVED] How to Build | Code a Indeed Bot for Applying to Applications?

I’m interested and researching how to build an indeed bot that applies to applications for me as well as all the other application job sites. so I can work a lot smarter and have more leads and clients coming in.

I see there is a lot of great web developers and coders in this forum. and i know you guys have the skills and knowledge to give amazing information on this subject!

i want to automate this process as it takes personal time to apply to each application. and i want to create a bot that goes to all the job sites for me and apply for me.

such as:


i woud love your feedback on this project! thanks so much!!

Sorry mate, everyone welcome to ask queries here but the basic point is, only the eligible ones. You must read the FAQ before you ask anything here. it will save yours and our time. Cooperate with us.

Topic Closed!



A bot that applies to web development jobs across many sites

It applies to 1 click apply jobs on

  • stackoverflow
  • indeed
  • monster
  • angellist
  • linkedin
  • github
  • dice
  • wayup
  • zipcrecruiter
  • codepen.io/jobs

also signs you up for

it can also detect usual recruiting softwares chrome extension tagging for others per application



Thanks so much Joker! this is an amazing list! really appreciate this and will take action on this project! this will help alot!

Friendly Websites

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