[SOLVED] How Can I download 1080p Movies from amazon Prime

Hello Folks, I am looking for a method to download or save HD video files from Streaming services. My network here is very slow which makes it hard to stream and watch the HD content. I know some one should have a knowledge on that. Please guide me to a working method. TIA


which movie do u want to download ? all of them are avalable at torrent

I want those mid era 1990 - 2010 Regional movies which are no way found on torrents. Not every movie from amazon are uploaded bro.

First of all, let me Clear this before making any further solution.

Minimum Internet Requirements For Amazon Prime Videos:

  • 1 Mb/s to stream standard definition content (480p)
  • 3.5 Mb/s to stream HD content (720p/1080p)
  • 15 Mb/s for 4K Ultra HD videos

(Your Internet shouldn’t have a timeout or other ISP breakdowns, Overall speed required that mentioned above)

Amazon keeps its speed recommendations simple. Amazon doesn’t make a recommendation for multiple devices streaming at once, but it does caution users that the service won’t work properly if their connection uses a proxy server. (A proxy server is a remote computer that stands in for another computer to manage its internet connections. This is different from an Internet Service Provider.) Proxy servers are usually used to hide your location. Most users won’t have any reason to worry about proxy servers.

Minimum Prime Video System/Internet Requirements for Computers:

Your computer, web browser, and Internet connection need to meet these minimum requirements to access Prime Video content.

Computer Hardware :

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (or equivalent)

Computer Operating System :

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Mac OS 10.7 or newer
  • You can use Chrome to watch Prime Video on Linux/UNIX operating systems (including Chrome OS); however playback will be restricted to Standard Definition (SD).

Internet Connection :

  • Standard Definition (SD) videos: 900 Kbits/sec
  • High Definition (HD) videos: 3.5 Mbits/sec
  • 4K Ultra HD videos 15 Mb/s above.

Note: Prime Video streaming is not supported through Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy connections. To watch Prime Video, you’ll need to disable these services for your device or try switching to another available connection.

Web Browsers :

  • Chrome (version 59 or newer)
  • Firefox (version 53 or newer)
  • Internet Explorer (version 11 or newer)
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
  • Safari (version 10 or newer on Mac OS 10.12.1 or newer)
  • Opera (version 37 or newer)

Note: Firefox ESR is not supported at this time. Firefox ESR (Version 60) will be supported when it’s available for the general public, which is approximately May 1, 2018. now available.

Tip: To watch Prime Video on your computer, we recommend using a browser that supports our HTML5 video player. The HTML5 player is optimized to work with our service, and doesn’t use separate browser plugins to play video content. It also supports video features like Auto Play, live streaming (for Prime Video Channels),and playback in full 1080p High Definition.

Browser Plug-ins :

If you use a browser or browser version that does not support our HTML5 player, you can access Prime Video content with Microsoft Silverlight.

Silverlight is a browser plugin used to play Prime Video content some versions of Safari and some versions of Internet Explorer. You’ll typically see an on-screen installation or activation prompt if Silverlight is required for your browser.

The minimum supported version of Silverlight is 5.1. To install the latest version, go to Get Microsoft Silverlight.

Tip: If you’re having trouble activating Silverlight, check to make sure that your browser’s Add-ons or Plugin preferences are not set to “Never Activate” Silverlight. To access Silverlight from your browser, you may need to change these settings to “Ask to Activate” or “Always Activate.”


  1. You can select the video quality from the settings. This will allow you to select data saver mode.
  2. If you intended to watch HD Content then you should consider high-speed internet. Amazon has set the parameters as 40 Mbps for buffer-free streaming.
  3. Since you can watch simultaneously on 3 devices, hence you should be having a min of 40–50 Mbps connections.
  4. Slower speed is also good but if you have multiple devices or if you want to watch HD Movies, then their will be lag in the video streaming.

I’m sure this guide does help you to understand. and try this Guide once if you can get Ruko or other alternative OS or apps to do the deed. Ever Wonder To Know Which Media Streamers Plays Netflix Or Hulu - Dig In

Good luck & happy learning! :+1:


Hey Sam Thank you for your detailed reply. I know you have a wikipedia of data to help others. I was looking for a method or idea to download or save the file in HD 1080p . There are options to download in Mobile and Tablet devices. but the quality lacks for to play in a High resolution television. My current speed here is 5 Mbps which is only 900- 950 kbps in real time.

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Under Summary I already mentioned this:

You can chose the best settings for server and quality. and those settings will auto play the next video from previous selection. Try that.

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Bruh ! How come best settings help to download the file? Am I missing anything?

Inspect Element -> Play Video in 1080p-> Capture the m3u Link . Then use the following Command

ffmpeg -i “m3u Link” -c copy output.mp4

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Thank You Will Update

let me be clear, you cannot download from amazon prime. they use widevine ,playready and fairplay protection. the video is decoded inside cpu secure sandbox where other cannt acess.

And If u really want to watch video in HD , you can download kodi , amazn instant kodi plugin where you can switch to your fevourate resolution . and also change the video codec .FOR example HEVC codec is much efficient that normal H264 . but in web browser u cannt choose H264, however if you really want to download some particular show or video frm amazon prime , u can comment the link ,I ll try to get u that movie.

This should be your first reply Sam. U dint mention u cant download videos earlier. Thanks brother

@SaM , I don’t know that’s why asking . If it’s not possible to download from Amazon Prime or Netflix , then how the movies get uploaded in torrent within 24 hours after the movie comes on those sites ?

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Their Trick is that they use screen recorder but they set the screen recorder to record only the application like chrome . In other way like game screen recorder which records only the game that it has been set to record .But this is time consuming . So you need to do a bit more research on this topic for yourself and find the screen recorders which the web rippers use and as per me most of the scripts or tools in github which were used to download amazon prime videos have stopped working .
Thank You
@SaM Please review my reply.
Thank you

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Anyone can download whatever they want from Amazon, until unless you follow the Requirements and buy what it cost, Script, apps, etc! Premium account, a Real one not with the tricks or fake ones. This is not said that you can’t download anything there are a few videos kept the protection, tough to grab. (If that post confuses you I have trashed it) Expert and Releaser Groups those who upload movies on Torrent system have the Damn resources and approach in Knowledge to alternate or get in deep to grab the content, they know how to bypass. their systems, server, subscriptions. etc! they grab in High quality 4K and encode them to the specific dimension. could you run 4K on Amazon video on Intel Core i5 2nd Gen Processor with the built-in VGA? go ahead and search, It won’t play the video.

By the way, Until unless you don’t have the System/Internet requirement how could you get anything from Amazon and Netflix? this what My post made for not to download things. there are 100 of things to determine before saying ‘‘Hey I want to download 1080p from Amazon?’’ even there is no 1080p written dimension that we see on Youtube.

I think it does make sense to you why I covered the requirement thing not download one. read what the OP said.

Then I also told him to try settings to reduce the quality to lower server if that helps to play the video or download if he has an account running.

And remember, Not all movies upload on torrent. and many of them came from Scene Groups. you ever know who own the first source.

And yes, Recorder does works.


@SaM thanks for the reply

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