[SOLVED] Google Cloud - Help - Have 225$ due payment

Please help me to sort this


Did you spend it or is it charged without spending?

I have used Google MAP - i didn’t aware it will cost this much. :frowning:

If you have no money in the CC, then no need to fear. They will only suspend the cloud account.

Yeah but now the problem is, I have subcribe google one driver. 1TB,

Therefore I couldn’t make google driver payment due to in the same account I have used google cloud.

To get google drive again I need to pay due 225$.

because of google drive is full now. I am not getting any emails :frowning:

so much of headache and pain, not event getting OTP codes from sites i am using

Suck bro

OPoos. then you will have to pay for it. This one of the reasons to have multiple google account:blush:

hmmmmmmmmmmm, I know this is stupid question, is there any bins for google? :smiley:

I Don’t think so:smile:
But i think you can work something out, Just backup all your files to another drive(there is a trick to get 5tb google drive with Edu email in this forum) then create another google account if you want.

I don’t know about you but paying that amount of money to a big company like google is a no no for me.

Best you can do is Email or tweet them with a proper explanation. They may waive the fee.
If you are tweeting start with "hi google_handel I’m stuck with some serious issue can you help " if they reply then you can go ahead with your explanation.

Or simply email them the whole scenario.

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Do not contact google

Until you exhaust all options.

AS suggested by @Goody you need to backup your 1TB first, or else google will lock you out of of your drive.

There are many practical solutions which can be applied to your problem, but all of them are useless if you have no access to your drive.

A slower but convenient method of backing up would be by mounting your G Drive on a pc with ExpandDrive.

Please keep us updated on how you tackle this problem, Google is a Pvt company trying to earn a profit
Not here to be a friend.

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Thanks i will check this

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what you say also true, i am trying, I will keep this updated. Thanks for the tips