[SOLVED] Does Truecaller app have any search restrictions per day?

Search Limit Exceeded

You have exceeded your daily limit for searching on Truecaller.

This is what you get after the limit is exceeded.

Number of search is not more than 10 .
please help!!

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You don’t have restrictions in mobile App

Free Accounts have a limit of 10 searches per day, where as premium account holders get unlimited searches.

The workaround is to get a Truecaller mod from any website and install it on your mobile and then search it or you can use VPN to keep changing your IP to perform 10 searches from each.

Hope this answers your question.

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Google: Truecaller premium free mod apk moddroid

@GoT_Riddles Thanks, that’s the only solution, because free version does allow 10 searches. and premium does allow unlimited.

@Evan_Mehta Remember mate, No one would get more than 10 fake/scam calls once a day mate, this is written at the official articles as well, so if you want further features than buy premium else stick to free version.



Tried in Mobile App but getting the same error of 10 search per day.

Thanks @SaM for approving the thread is there any way to get the premium one at best price or any trick.
Thanks in advance!