[SOLVED] can anyone tell how to open .spk file

can anyone tell how to open this file , this is pdf file i downloaded from app , but it works only in that app i want this file permanantly
but i cant upload it here as it is in spk format

AND also how to download a video from app [not udemy but other app of my coaching class}

@s_b what the hell r u talking?
Can’t understand what you wanna say…
Please elaborate a little with screenshot, proper description and tell name of app or whatever you are saying about…


Share the app apk here

Give some more information, Then may be we will help you.

1st one is ebook app of my coaching and 2nd is the file i downloaded by bluestacks which is in the spk format which i want to convert into pdf form permanantely

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this is the video in app , i want to download


.SPK File Association 4. File created by Bright Spark, an educational application used to teach electronics principles; contains one or more electronic designs as well as written text that teaches the reader about the design; saves the information needed to present the lesson in the software.

Here is the link which might help you…


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and about downloading a video

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Dude I find out About the link simply googling it…
We r not hackers and no more spoon feeding…
I think you lack effort to google for solution it’s right there…
The Biggest help that you can get from anyone is by helping yourself…
Good luck…:+1:


this is what i got from opening that file , thats what i also tried everything i cant get any solution this why i asked in this forum , i also googled but cant any thing about spk file ,

this video plays in a app , so there is no way idm or any other downloader can catch the video

I think buddy instead of posting these in separate posts, you could have added them in one post.
Also you have given enough data, if someone can help then they will until then wait.
My take is that they have obviously encrypted the text so that it works only in the app.
And as rightly said by @ankushitguy many of us here are not hackers, so try to help yourself by Googling as that’s what others will do to help you.

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share the file with me coz pk is a header of zip file let me try that

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First of all let me correct you, .spk isn’t a format, it is a Extension that contains in specific softwares to let it open or let it view or convert. 2nd of all there is no Official information so far about .SPK files that what it does and why it exists. But there are specific programs that opens it and give you few solutions too.

Programs that open SPK files:


  • Corel WinZip 21
  • 7-Zip


  • Apple Archive Utility
  • Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 16
  • GNU Tar
  • The Unarchiver


  • GNU Tar

SPK files are saved in the .TAR format. Therefore, you can also open them with any TAR archive extractor.

Software that will open, convert or fix SPK files:

  • Parallels Tools Center
  • Universe Plugin Manager
  • Media Player Classic
  • SPARKvue
  • Plugin Manager - Packager

In addition to the products listed above, I would suggest that you try a universal file viewer like Free File Viewer. It can open over 200 different types of files - and very likely yours too! Download Free File Viewer.

@s_b Google does help, Until unless you use correct keywords, So please google search and try to find your solution. Don’t say solution not exist anywhere, Actually you haven’t reached to it so far, so kindly research and find out where it remain hidden or visible. That’s all mate! :blush: