[SOLVED] Are these Legal resources?

If there’s any ethical person living here to answer my question, I have a question and if there is a moral person to answer my question.
Question: freetutorialsus dot com or desirecourse dot net are legal resources to use? The Author of the courses would never give their courses without a penny and these sites give their courses free of cost. Do we a right to use their expensive assets without paying a penny?
Please, someone moral should answer my question.

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Dude, please, read the FAQ, and go through the guide.

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But I want to know how do they get their courses? Do they pay them at least once or maybe something fishy ways?

Speak openly man! Why Sam is muted? Are they all thumb sucking something?

They bought the course from the site directly and download it then share to there site.

These Sites Are ILLEGAL

These sites sharing legal content illegally, I must say, you can use them, No harm in grabbing courses content from them, but why not torrent sites? you can grab anything from torrent if you search a course, and what else anyone would ever need if they get something free without paying a penny? In short, if those courses are full means updated to the last updated date, use them and have fun, those sites meant to share courses under educational purposes, which is actually a stupid excuse because they are spoiling brands content illegally.

TIP: Always use trusted and no-logs VPN/Proxy to keep yourself safe if you worry about hiding your IP a bit while downloading anything or using the tracker.

Furthermore, why they are doing this? no words! but ads are there to help them to run their servers. That’s all.

BTW, FreeTutorial.Us (Discontinued) was the one who spread that moto > Free Education For everyone < didn’t you see they copied the similar site name. lol

Lastly, go through the FAQ, we do not allow discussion on Legal stuff illegally, we do not support any Legal content to shared here Illegally.

So keep these download/upload and illegal sites sources away. Google Search can help anyone to get results.

Take it or leave it, else PM me if you have fair query!