[SOLVED] Any Idea about increasing the DSL Down/Up Speed using HTTP Injector?

Hey guys, I am wondering if you can increase the download speed of a DSL or not?
Now I know that you can’t do it but I know a guy who says he can but didn’t tell me how, he only mentioned something about the (HTTP Injector) app that it is the key somehow.
There is a post by TheJoker talking about this app to use it for all kinds of data when you have only one kind of data.
I Tried searching about it but didn’t find anything…
So is it really possible that you can trick the ISP using the app to get more speed???

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I also want this trick. once I was doing Proxy over proxy to get speed.This was working good but my ISP block my trick.

By using this app, we can get access from the blocked website and also most of the chances are there to increase internet speed, because it’s an study by far! :slightly_frowning_face:

How to Create Config File and Enjoy MTN 1GB Daily With HTTP Injector

The trending stuff now is MTN 0.0k that is being used for free browsing, streaming and downloading with VPNs like Epoxy, Spark, Kpn Tunnel, Http Injector, etc. The stress of this MTN 0.0k is the expiry date of the config file and its low speed because it is used by many people.


The speed can only be increased if the number of users is minimized. You will enjoy the highest speed if you create the config file yourself and use it along or share it with one or two friends. In this tutorial, am going to share how create a config file for Http Injector and enjoy a fast speed in browsing and downloading. Let us start

  1. If you are using it for the first time, download latest version of Http injector from playstore but if you have the old version, clear its data and update to the latest version.

  2. Go to skyssh.com and create an account. Choose a free ssh server from any country. Save your details or screenshot it because you will need the details to set your Http Injector

  3. After creating the account, open your http injector, click on settings and then ssh settings.(Secure Shell)
    In the ssh Host, put the digits you see on the ssh account you created.
    E.g 178.223.345.9
    That’s your ssh host

  1. In ssh port, put the port in the ssh account you created. You can pick 443 as your port ssh

  2. Put your username and password. Assuming your username is myself, you should put your username in this format skyssh.com-myself. The format is not applicable for Username only not password

  3. Go back to homepage and put the below settings inside the payload

CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf]Host: mtn1app.mtn.com[crlf]X-Online-Host: mtn1app.mtn.com[crlf]X-Forward-Host: mtn1app.mtn.com[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf][crlf]

  1. Click on the Remote Proxy under the payload.,put in the proxy and in 8080 in the port. Click on save

  1. Tap on start and wait for few seconds to connect


  1. The config file you created will last for five or six days. You will need to register another ssh account after its expiration.

  2. Make sure you don’t have airtime or data on your MTN SIM before you activate it

For an idea, you can have a look to this… Rest you have to do on your own! :thinking:

Bypassed ALL NETWORKS INTERNET using Http Injector with UPDATED.ehi&.hpi



HTTP Injector set up to make speed your internet


Can you explain me how?