[SOLVED] Any FYP idea for computer science?

If you have any idea for the final year project of computer-related ideas. please share with me i have to submit proposal i don’t have idea Thanks in advance

waiting for your reply.


Which section of computer science are you interested on creating project for? Hardware? Software? Maybe a project using a microprocessor like arduino(those are always fun). Let’s start there so we can think of some ideas

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@ASIF_Ali, Will you be more Specific? I mean ‘‘final year project of computer-related ideas’’ It’s not enough, because in the title it’s Computer science and into description computer-related ideas? both sound different and there is no further input on what section you’re wondering to hear ideas by peoples?.

Mention the whole purpose why you need them, for what you need them, put direction so peoples will do their level best to help you out!

Good luck everyone and keep the thread clean from links and courses subject, just stick to the ideas and writing! :+1:


tell us about your programming background and which language do you prefer,I can help you with machine learning and deep learning stuff.

If you are not sure of which area you want to do your project, I strongly suggest to reflect into your skill set and accordingly enrol into a course which will start from basics to a higher competence level.

Other way is to look into the future technologies that you feel & can spend a big part of your career, then look for courses that hand hold and complete certain Capstone Project(s). There are many specialisations related to areas like Web Development (both front & back end), Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), Apps Dev (Android & iOS), Blockchain Tech, Data Science, Data Bases, Robotics, Networking & Security and so on over the internet. If you cautiously explore and really interested then you might find courses for free too… Probably can explore coursera, edx, youtube, udacity, MIT OCW, and many more MOOCs…

This way it will be like hitting two targets in one shot, i.e., complete the final year project and get ready for the job market.

Hope this was helpful… Gud luk :slight_smile:

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1- codewithc.com
2- studentprojectguide.com
3- kashipara.com


Actually all about software , may be about data science

@aaron_punch Thanks, i studied c#,c++,php,and other front end dev. SQL and mysql, and very good at android development

Actually i am looking for idea which can be technology independent it can be any

i need to build for final year at university in computer science

well tensorflow is now usable with c++ so if you want you can code in c++ and create ML based project
https://www.tensorflow.org/api_docs/cc use this for consideration

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tem mais passa outros links ?

Is there any particular link you are looking for? Please be specific…


51 Computer Science Engineering Project Ideas

  1. Honey Pots a Security System to Identify Black Hat Community in the Networks
  2. Android Application Platform Installation with its Development
  3. Advanced Biometric Techniques
  4. Anopheles Mosquito Comparative Genomics
  5. Android OS based Search Engine
  6. Development of a Lost Articles and Letters Reconciliation System
  7. Designing Ultra-Dense Computers with QCAs
  8. Dynamic Data-Driven Applications Simulation (WIPER)
  9. Development of a Recipe Management System
  10. Morph: Morphable Computer Architectures for Highly Energy-Aware Systems
  11. Secure and Reliable Computation Outsourcing
  12. Languages and Systems for Data Intensive Scientific Computing
  13. Mining E-Business to Enhance Market Strategies of Company
  14. ASP based Training & Placement Cell Management Project
  15. Novel methods for comparing and evaluating single and metagenomic assemblies
  16. Framework of Patient Monitoring System
  17. Bred vectors, singular vectors, and Lyapunov vectors in simple and complex models
  18. Allocation Algorithms for Networks with Scarce Resources
  19. Efficient Image Segmentation and Segment-Based Analysis in Computer Vision Applications
  20. Learning from Multiple views of Data
  21. Security System for DNS Using Cryptography
  22. Support Vector Machine Identification of Subspace Hammerstein Models
  23. Identifying Hidden Patterns in Students‟ Feedback through Cluster Analysis
  24. The Impact of Multimedia Geographic Information System in Tourism
  25. Development of Simulator for a Material Handling System Analysis of Assembly Line
  26. Analysis of Structural Relationship between Immunodeficiency Viruses Using Support Vector Machine
  27. Automatic Micro-calcification Detection Using Wavelet Transform
  28. Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in Predicting the Success of Student’s in a Particular Course
  29. Customer Call Tracking System
  30. Development of a Feature-Rich Practical Online Leave Management System (LMS)
  31. Improving Capacity of Smart Grid Wireless Backhauls with Deadline Ordered Scheduler and Packet Concatenation
  32. Development of a feature-rich, practical “Web Enabled Estate Agent”(WEEA)
  33. Development of a Web-Based Meeting Scheduler
  34. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
  35. Exploring Personalized Travel Route Using POIs
  36. An e-Learning System Based on EGL and Web 2.0
  37. Diagnosing Computer Bugs Using Big Data
  38. Development of a Repository and Search Engine for Alumni of College (RASE)
  39. Skeletal Algorithms: Sequential Pattern Mining
  40. Development of a Defect Tracking System (DTS)
  41. Computational Analysis of Encrypted Database to Provide Confidentiality
  42. Security Issue of Cloud-Based Storage
  43. Automatic Brightness Control of the Hand-held Device Display with Low Illumination
  44. Android-based Bus ticket booking system
  45. Android-based Movie ticket booking system
  46. Android based health tracking system
  47. Web-Based Online Library System
  48. Hacking Prevention using Positive Tainting
  49. Weekly Automatic College Timetable Generation
  50. Corporate Recruitment System (CRS)
  51. SAP based Online Promotion Examination