Snapchat Score Method | 10k+ Score Every 5 Minutes

Simple method:

  1. Add 200 inactive accounts by searching up spam names like: ahhhh (it’s better if they don’t add back).

  2. Take a picture and send it to everyone you added (you can send a snap to 200 people at a time).

  3. Once you’ve sent the snap take another picture and pick “Recents”.

  4. Keep doing step.

  5. When you send a snap you get 1 point. So if you send a snap to 200 people at a time, you will get 200 snap scores for every snap you send.

  6. You can get up to 10k score in 5 minutes if you do this quickly.



Another method:

This method works on android only (didn’t try on ios). This is my first tutorial, so I’ll try to be as detailed as possible, hence it might be a bit long. But, once you get how it works its gonna be quite easy.

Step 1: Download the app Auto Clicker - Automatic tap

Step 2: Download my config file, from here, and use any file explorer to create a new folder in your device storage named as Auto Clicker (case-sensitive), and move the config file in that folder.

Step 3: Open Auto Clicker and allow all permissions, then under Multi Targets Mode go to Manage Configurations and click on the menu in the top right corner, and click Import. The config file should be imported by itself.

Step 4: Open Snapchat, click on New chat (top-right corner) and search for your own name and send an initial snap to get it on the recent chats screen. (Or you can snap any of your friends if they don’t mind the spam)

Step 5: Go back to the Auto Clicker app, and click on Enable under Multi Targets Mode, select SnapScore option. Open Snapchat app and move the autoclicker on-screen widget to an empty space (so that it doesn’t interrupt the macro layout).

Step 6: Enjoy.


  • Don’t move any auto-clicker buttons, since it might cause issues with the layout.
  • Do not remove the Auto Clicker app from your recents while the macro is running.
  • Your device might lag while this is working.
  • I think snapchat has a limit of number of snaps you can send, since mine stopped working after about an hour, but it started working again after an hour or so.

I got around 200 snapscore in 15mins (might depend on your network connection/device performance)


what’s the use of this?

For increasing your snapchat score

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