Simple Embed Creator | Embed Sender For Discord


A simple and slick embed sender for discord. Super simple installation.


• NodeJS • Discord (duh) • Discord.js (INSTALL WITH THE BAT FILE)

To get set up follow these simple steps:

Installation & Setup

  • If you do not have already, run the bat file named “install-discord-js”
  • If you do not have NodeJS, go download it at
  1. In Discord, press ctrl + shift + i, go to application, click Local Storage, click “” on the left
  2. Press f5 or ctrl + r then copy your “token” (long code of scrambled letters) into the config.json file
  3. Go to Settings -> Appearence and enable “Developer Mode”
  4. Go to a channel and right click on your username, click “Copy ID”
  5. Paste that into the config.json in the correct space
  6. Run “start.bat”
  7. Enjoy using your new cool embeds


() - required [] - optional

/embed [#hexcode] (message):

  • Main command to send embeds
  • Examples:
    • /embed Hello this is a cool embed!
    • /embed #ff0000 This is a cool embed with a red bar!


Hope you enjoy using this! Discord: Obey#0001