Sell OneDrive 5TB student accounts on eBay & make some good cash 💰 | No investment required

  1. First, you need to use this simple tutorial to generate Office 365 A1 for students accounts.

Nobody really cares about these students accounts (or at least, they won’t pay for them). The trick: these accounts have an OneDrive 5TB Lifetime option <-- this is what we will use for this method.

  1. Make as many accounts as you can. The more, the better.

  2. Store them in an Excel sheet, or use Google Sheets if you don’t have Excel.

  3. Open an eBay account, if you don’t have one. We are going to sell OneDrive 5TB Lifetime Accounts .

  4. Spy the competition. What titles do they use? What do they insert in description? What product images they upload? How do they deliver the item (99% in the ebay inbox)?

Do this step to get the main idea about this “business”. Then, it will become semi-autopilot.

If you have any ebay experience, you can skip this step.

  1. List your own OneDrive 5TB Lifetime Account product and start selling.

I suggest a price like 3,49$. It will catch many eyes.

If you sell less, there’s no worry. Being able to create 300 accounts per month (10 per day ~ 30 mins of work, easy as that) and selling them will earn you 1,047$.

  1. After time, adjust the price when you will became an high rep seller and try selling bulks. The more you will be in this business, the more you will earn.

Thank you for reading this, and don’t forget to leave a like and maybe +rep. Good luck with the sales.

Credit: HaroldOG


Thanks Bro

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thank you sir

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Tyvm ill make some for me.

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this is awesome …
much respect and thanks bro… :love_you_gesture:

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the problem how can create the ebay seller account , because ebay suspend every new seller account and when I call them they told me to change the platform.

Does it really worth a try?
because i saw member sell it for 1$
there are really 10 members who buy it every day?
or at least 5?
because when i think on that idea, i didn’t saw that many activity on that area…

got only 1TB … wanna shade some light on this?

Not able to watch.

The cons of this method is that it’s a Student account ! To which the admin privilege can’t be revoke ! This automatically disables the change Email address option and the part of selling here gets crucial since the purchaser will have an odd mail id which is unsure for permanent availability since it’s generated from temporary mail.
Can someone clarify me how to overcome this problem :sweat_smile:


You can edit the user name, and make one as you like. I did that a couple hours ago, in my 1st sale. :smiley:

Again tyvm @Ze380y


Thanks man👍

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why am i getting 1TB

yes but you will always have the

how many sells you have per day?

But is this legal. I mean for payments we have to link bank account or any other payment method right?
Is there any best payment method for these account selling?


Yeah, it´s a must, since that´s the domain who have the access to the service.

3, yesterday.

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Use paypal. You don´t invest nothing, so there´s no loss.

Link appears to be broken. (the one for generating temporary emails)

link is down