Sell eBooks on Ebay and make mney while you sleep [i made 8.99$ in 30 min]

This is a tutorial about where to get ebooks to sell and how to sell them on ebay, i got a sell with 1 listing in 30 min while i was filming the tutorial, that’s the proof you need to understand that people are making lot’s of money with this method.

This is what you get.

Direct Link:


Wow! Great idea. I had lot of PLR book earlier. I will have to work on their formatting.

Will this work with normal free pdf files? That u find of the internet?

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yes or you can get the ebooks in the video description and start selling right away without formatting them

no it will not work because ebay will block your account, you need MMR ebooks with licensee

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Ok thanks :grin:

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I think selling ebooks are not allowed on ebay. It will get your account banned.

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it’s not allowed if you don’t have the rights to sell the ebooks, but the one in the video are allowed

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I don’t understand where you get those books?

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Get The Ebooks Here:

You are not allowed to sell any digital item whether you own rights or not. Please don’t mislead users

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you are not allowed to sell any digitals that you don’t have the right to.
i am selling it and lot’s of people too just go to ebay and look around

This is on 5 dollars, Need Free because we have no credit cards.

you can use paypal too

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in pakistan, paypal is not available yet


i have two very important questions
for seeing money do i have to sleep?? …
if i am awake will be able to make money



can you tell me how to create payment policy, shopping policy and return policy.

but mostly new paid amazon books are listed on ebay in just 0.9 dollars i think they allow copyrighted stuff

Currently you are misleading people because I brought multiple digital products on eBay!