Script for Unlimited GB usage on WARP VPN ( Cloudflare)

WARP+ uses Cloudflare’s virtual private backbone, known as Argo, to achieve higher speeds and ensure your connection is encrypted across the long haul of the Internet.

How to use this script for ( windows, mac, linux )

  • First download python and install in your system. Python 3.7+
  • Install module requests
  • pip install requests copy in cmd or terminal and click enter btn
  • Download this script and extract it
  • Open a cmd or terminal or shell in the extracted directory
  • Enter python
  • Run the script and use it.

How to get the warp+ ID?

  1. Open App
  2. Click on the Hamburger Menu Icon ☰
  3. Advanced > Diagonistics
  4. Under Client Configuration > Copy the ID

.Credits to original devoloper.


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Awesome script method its works per 20sec 1GB has been successfully added to your account.


Clever. Offtopic, anyone know if Warp is a meme? :smile:

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What you mean?

Hahaha…Yes, my ISP speed is better than this. Sorry cloudfare. Thanks for the trick though.


Well as in, from what I can tell doing a little bit of research, it’s a sort of glass half full “VPN” that simply uses their DNS. I was getting a seventh of my full broadband speed through their service too. Not to take away anything from the OP and script, it just sounds a lot like a snake oil service. :stuck_out_tongue:


In my case, I get the full speed of my connection. Though the anonymity level of this service is only at 60-80% compared to other services which is 100%.

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install requests. as per instruction

pip install requests copy in cmd or terminal and click enter btn

Super useful, thank you very much

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update pip3 install request

fuckin awesome dude :heart_eyes: thank you so much


Who can give me a tutorial for mac? mac i often fail :沉思的:

Working bro

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