Script | Epic Games Account Creator

A Node.js script that automatically claims GTA V Premium Edition in Epic Games Store


  • Mailosaur Account
  • Your own subdomain
  • Node.js v.12.16.3 LTS
  • VPN

How to use

  1. Download
  2. Extract and change directory to that folder you extracted the file
  3. Edit the credentials.json
  4. Open cmd
  5. Run this command:
npm install

then, Code:

node epicgames.js
  1. Change VPN location every 5 accounts created
  2. Locate the accounts at accounts.txt


(Credit: juzjus10, source, nulled)



Did anyone use this bot?..
I think this is a little incomplete… It searches for a name field when it is supposed to search for DOB fields… The form in epic store starts with that(DOB input)!
Also a chrome-driver is required to run this… ChromeDriver 81.0.4044.138 is to be used… Upper versions are not compatible with the bot.
Anyone who know JavaScript can correct the above stated errors!

If the bot works correctly, it can be a profit for resellers… Sadly today is the last day of offer!
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DOB input depends on country.

can anyone please tell me how to use this bot? im dont know how to even open it is it a program?

any idea about server id and api? ChromeDriver [81.0.4044.138] works for me!

I think the mailosaur server id and api key will go in there

hmm but the purpose of the bot ends! no free gta xD

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My mailsaur account trial is expired and now i couldn’t get verfication code in that account.
all those account which i made through this script is a waste.
Is there any way to recover those accounts ?