Run Rclone on Heroku via Telegram Bot

Hey Guys :slightly_smiling_face:,

Rclone has become important nowadays
Sure there r many methods to run rclone
But i feel this ones convenient…Have a look
I tried this recently…confirmed works

I updated the bot to latest rclone version


  • First get the following prepared:
    • A @BotFather bot token. Tutorial
    • Your Telegram user ID. Talk with this bot
    • [OPTIONAL] Your Rclone config, you need to encode it to Base64
  • Next click the Deploy button above, make sure you have a Heroku account
  • Fill in the text fields with the information you prepared
  • Press the Deploy button
  • Wait for the app to finish deploying
  • Go to the app’s dashboard and go onto the ‘Resources’ tab
  • On the web npm start worker, click the pencil icon and toggle it off
  • On the worker source && bash worker, click the the pencil icon and toggle it on
  • Now open telegram and use the commands below to interact with your bot


  • To use rclone commands do /run rclone [param]...
run - Execute command
enter - Send input lines to command
type - Type keys into command
control - Type Control+Letter
meta - Send the next typed key with Alt
keypad - Toggle keypad for special keys
redraw - Force the command to repaint
end - Send EOF to command
cancel - Interrupt command
kill - Send signal to process
status - View status and current settings
cd - Change directory
env - Manipulate the environment
shell - Change shell used to run commands
resize - Change the terminal size
setsilent - Enable / disable silent output
setlinkpreviews - Enable / disable link expansion
setinteractive - Enable / disable shell interactive flag
help - Get help
file - View and edit small text files
upload - Upload and overwrite raw files
r - Alias for /run or /enter

I personally use :-
/run rclone copy “source remote path” “destination remote path” --ignore-existing --drive-server-side-across-configs --drive-acknowledge-abuse --drive-keep-revision-forever --drive-chunk-size 128M --tpslimit 25 --transfers 8 -P -q --stats=15s
to copy server side

To know complete list of commands and functions visit rclone site

Note:- Bot with dynos don’t sleep so u will hv to manually close workers by going to heroku dashboard otherwise it will never sleep and waste your dyno hours even if u don’t do anything

Note:- Please don’t ask rclone command related questions here.This guide assumes that u have basic knowledge of Rclone cli if u dont then u need to learn that first and then come back to this guide

Hope u guys enjoy my guide :slightly_smiling_face:
Please leave a like if u do
I have a feeling this will be useful to lots of ppl coz i personally find it very useful :wink:


Nice share!


Thank you !.

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this is very useful specially for copying whole td to new td.

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this method is took some time to understand whats really happening with bot.if you got this this is so easy.

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can you add gclone support??

theres another repo which has all that
manyhackers/shellbot shd be by this name on github

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i was using that and it was working fine, but due to some reasons i deleted that app, now when i deployed it again its not working, bot is not responding and logs say that app is crashed…i dont kno why.

show log…

im going to pm you.

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