Run banking app on rooted phone

So, I’m trying to run axis bank app on rooted android 12 but can’t seem to find a way. I’ve tried hiding it in magisk even creating work profile using Island, but nothing worked. If anyone know any other way please guide me.

Safetynet passing?

U can try running apps in a sandbox, I’m not sure which sandbox app is the best but you can try and test out which works for you.

Yes. ctsProfile + basicINtegrity all are checked

Sometimes banking apps use other means of detecting root other than checking literally for root (superSU, magisk, etc).
Sometimes they check for root-required apps, sometimes they check if a folder with relation to root exist on your device.

Try to check if you have folders which have relation to root apps, or uninstall any root-requiring apps. If this still does not work, then nothing will. Unless you know how the banking app checks for root.

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have you hidden magisk with the random magisk manager package and name?

Yup but it didn’t worked

Ok try this i don’t have axis bank account but i installed the app and tried the method.
Before applying the bank app was detecting root no matter what after it didn’t.

  1. Hiding the banking app in magisk, hiding magisk package and name don’t forget to install the magiskhide prop config module.

  2. install this app

  3. Grant it root access it will take time a little time to launch check mark the Root granted permission after the app launches click next the app will be working now.

  4. Click Start journey now and select only the Magisk Manager app it will appear on the frontpage of the AirFrozen app now click the freeze button on right-bottom corner, and see if the banking app works or not.

If it does then it seems they have bought the protection from PubG New State i guess, All Thanks to Munchy here is the tut i tried the method from it is for the game but i did it for the app.

Be sure to unfreeze magisk by clicking on magisk manager icon in AirFrozen frontpage after you are done with your banking stuff. oh i forgot but keep Google Play Service hidden in magisk.


There are two ways you can go with as of today :

  1. Zygisk - Easiest but may not be your choice if you use riru extensively : Install latest magisk alpha, hide manager and enable zygisk In the denylist check for your banking app and Play services. Also if your device has hardware attestation you’ll need to pass safetynet with kdragon safetynet fix

  2. Riru - Using Lsposed module Hide My Applist creating a blacklist template.

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Because of hardware attestation, you have to fix that then make sure saftetynet is passed, uninstall your app then install again, hide with magisk, this should work.

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sometimes banking apps block you if you have any known rooted apps on your android try a root hide if you have magisk installed in the magisk settings is hide magisk and you can select what apps to hide there are a few roothide apps on android I’m running on miui android 10 with a magisk root and LSPosed and magisk root hide works for everything from macdonalds app to my nedbank and tyme bank and captic bank app.
magisk hide

super su hide

Holy shit. It worked. Thanks dude

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