Researchers in Singapore have predicted that Covid-19 will end by 97% in India by May 22

Nationwide coronavirus lockdown has left people struggling to maintain supplies of essentials in their homes. As India prepares for graded lifting of coronavirus lockdown, researchers in Singapore have predicted that Covid-19 will end by 97 percent in the country by May 22.


  • Researchers in Singapore have predicted end of Covid-19 outbreak in India by May 22
  • End dates for India, 97 per cent by May 22, 99 per cent by June 1 and 100 per cent by July 26
  • SIR model developed by researchers predict Covid-19 to continue in world till early December

-Will India extend the lockdown?

In the last meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, several chief minister had recommended to extend the nationwide lockdown by two weeks. India is under lockdown till May 3.

-Maharashtra is likely to extend the lockdown

Considering the rapid increase in coronavirus cases in the state, Mumbai and Pune are likely to increase the lockdown till May 18, Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope told Mint .

Meanwhile Corona! :angry:


Thanks for Informing Us!! :relaxed:
Great to hear this!!! :sunglasses:


i doubt that, just look at USA, India will be in worst position When it starts testing More and more and remember this virus was spreading from Dec and the lock-down was imposed on 24th March there will be many asymptomatic patients


i don’t think so :frowning: to be honest the virus is spreading more as day are passing by and the chaos that will be created after lockdown will obviously accelerate the spread :frowning:
Let’s hope for the best


But there are no deaths so it’s mean they have ability to fight with this Virus

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