Qobuz Downloader

This is my very first post and i just wanted to share this amazing github repo

As you guys might have heard about qobuz streaming service which provides high quality music starting from mp3 to FLAC 24 bit / 192 khz

if you find helpful then give a star to his repo before hitting like to me cause it is his work


but you cant use this tool without qobuz subscribed account ;D

yup i can post how to create one quboz account but since i am new in here i am keeping clam myself for now

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if i can download qobuz music with this tool, how quality of music can be ?

bro highest is 24 bit 192khz lossless flac format but the catch is that the song must also be a 24 bit 192khz to download.
for eg if the song is 24 bit 92khz song in qobuz then even if you choose 24bit 192khz format it will still download it in 24 bit 92khz format and vice versa

this tool can download music at 24bit 192khz? but i dont know how to create a qobuz account with subscribed for free , can u help me ??

yup i can show you

u use BIN for registration or something else

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i used BIN sometimes and sometimes my paypal and sometimes my kotak 811 card simple

yeah but that post did’t have any installation guide. i cant understand how to install and use that tool

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How to use it. Can you provide some instructions

i will make a youtube video how to create a qobuz account then how to use it in detail don’t worry

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Now it’s 13 days bro, waiting for yaa tutoring on Qobiz account creation

Ohh Netcard works in this

sorry brother i was actually preparing for my interviews and other stuff i am 4th year student get very small amount of time doing other stuffs

It is really great. Have you test Allavsoft? It also helps to download music from Qobuz, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube etc website to MP3, FLAC etc audio format.

does it work with a FREE wobuz account ?