PySQLRecon | Offensive MSSQL Toolkit Written In Python, Based Off SQLRecon


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PySQLRecon is a Python port of the awesome SQLRecon project by @sanjivkawa. See the commands section for a list of capabilities.


PySQLRecon can be installed with pip3 install pysqlrecon or by cloning this repository and running pip3 install .


All of the main modules from SQLRecon have equivalent commands. Commands noted with [PRIV] require elevated privileges or sysadmin rights to run. Alternatively, commands marked with [NORM] can likely be run by normal users and do not require elevated privileges.

Support for impersonation ([I]) or execution on linked servers ([L]) are denoted at the end of the command description.

adsi                 [PRIV] Obtain ADSI creds from ADSI linked server [I,L]
agentcmd             [PRIV] Execute a system command using agent jobs [I,L]
agentstatus          [PRIV] Enumerate SQL agent status and jobs [I,L]
checkrpc             [NORM] Enumerate RPC status of linked servers [I,L]
clr                  [PRIV] Load and execute .NET assembly in a stored procedure [I,L]
columns              [NORM] Enumerate columns within a table [I,L]
databases            [NORM] Enumerate databases on a server [I,L]
disableclr           [PRIV] Disable CLR integration [I,L]
disableole           [PRIV] Disable OLE automation procedures [I,L]
disablerpc           [PRIV] Disable RPC and RPC Out on linked server [I]
disablexp            [PRIV] Disable xp_cmdshell [I,L]
enableclr            [PRIV] Enable CLR integration [I,L]
enableole            [PRIV] Enable OLE automation procedures [I,L]
enablerpc            [PRIV] Enable RPC and RPC Out on linked server [I]
enablexp             [PRIV] Enable xp_cmdshell [I,L]
impersonate          [NORM] Enumerate users that can be impersonated
info                 [NORM] Gather information about the SQL server
links                [NORM] Enumerate linked servers [I,L]
olecmd               [PRIV] Execute a system command using OLE automation procedures [I,L]
query                [NORM] Execute a custom SQL query [I,L]
rows                 [NORM] Get the count of rows in a table [I,L]
search               [NORM] Search a table for a column name [I,L]
smb                  [NORM] Coerce NetNTLM auth via xp_dirtree [I,L]
tables               [NORM] Enumerate tables within a database [I,L]
users                [NORM] Enumerate users with database access [I,L]
whoami               [NORM] Gather logged in user, mapped user and roles [I,L]
xpcmd                [PRIV] Execute a system command using xp_cmdshell [I,L]     


PySQLRecon has global options (available to any command), with some commands introducing additional flags. All global options must be specified before the command name:


View global options:

pysqlrecon --help

View command specific options:

pysqlrecon [GLOBAL_OPTS] COMMAND --help

Change the database authenticated to, or used in certain PySQLRecon commands (query, tables, columns rows), with the --database flag.

Target execution of a PySQLRecon command on a linked server (instead of the SQL server being authenticated to) using the --link flag.

Impersonate a user account while running a PySQLRecon command with the --impersonate flag.

--link and --impersonate and incompatible.


pysqlrecon uses Poetry to manage dependencies. Install from source and setup for development with:

git clone
cd pysqlrecon
poetry install
poetry run pysqlrecon --help

Adding a Command

PySQLRecon is easily extensible - see the template and instructions in resources


  • Add SQLRecon SCCM commands
  • Add Azure SQL DB support?

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