Problem with anydebrid

I am trying to download some files from Godownloads and Gfxtra and I am using It downloads the file but when trying to open it shows this message. does this happen with anyone else or is it just me?


Exactly what it says. The file you are downloading is either incomplete or is corrupted.
What do you want to download? Maybe I can help. PM me.

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I think the problem is within the website itself cause it shows this message with multiple files

Tried it with couple of files. All were corrupted.

If you want, I can provide a link or a website to download said file. Can you tell me what it is you want to download?

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Trying to get these for my girl friend

both on filenext but get corrupted files with anydebrid

many thanks

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The files are corrupted because you’re trying to download files that require premium access.


thanks for your offer … but I didn’t need a specific file it was just random files. i tried a website a month ago and it was fine

Anydebrid, since having been shared in our forum, broke down. User reports said that before the influx of users, the website works really great, but then after, all downloads became corrupted.