PayPal Guide / Never Get Your PP Limited / Banned!

This guide helps to make a new safe & clean PayPal account and some tips to keep it stealth.

1 - Before proceed to the account creation :

Go restart your wireless box to generate a new IP

2 - Download and install a new browser ( Chrome / Firefox / Opera … )

3 - Make a new account on this new browser , and use it only on this new browser

[+] Its important to make a new account on a new browser to make new cookies ( browsing data )

[+] Use only 1 account per New Browser , don’t use many accounts .

[+] NEVER Use the account using VPN or any virtual IP

[+] It highly recommended to use the account on one and same device ( We don’t recommend to use the account on mobile device )

[+] Never use the account on Incognito mode

[+] Never send/receive multiple high amounts in same time ( +$50 )

[+] Always receive payments as F&F ( Friend & Familly ) , its also recommended to not get chargeback

[+] Do not get lot of disputes

[+] Do not hold funds for long time ( Ex : you receive all days money but you never send )

[+] When get a lot of funds/money , be fast to send the money from PayPal to your BTC Account to stay safe

[+] We also recommend you if possible to add and verify a phone number / Credit Card / Bank Account / Social Security Number to reduce chances to get limitation / ban

[+] Never use your PayPal account on an unverified Ebay account

[+] Never use your PayPal account on illegal activities.

Be Safe & Happy Learning! :+1:


Rich Pieces of information from the richest mind of Sam :heart:

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Thanks for these informations .
By applying them we can avoid a lot of problems with paypal.:heart:

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What is the best way to send paypal fund to a BTC wallet?? Only that I am using is Paxful, but with high fee :unamused:

great piece of advice. Thank you

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