Oracle Rejects Argument That Before Suing Google, It Got Rich By Copying IBM's SQL

Ars Technica’s senior tech reporter took a long long at Google’s reimplementation of Java in Android – and the lawsuit filed against it by Oracle in 2010. And he discovers “a possible downside” to Oracle’s stance on API copyrights. If anyone should understand the importance of such copying, it’s Oracle. After all, Oracle got its start in the 1970s selling a database product based on the then-new structured query language (SQL). SQL was invented by IBM. And Oracle doesn’t seem to have gotten a license to use it

Oracle’s copying of SQL seems pretty similar to Google’s copying of Java. But an Oracle spokeswoman disagrees. “It’s an incorrect premise, comparing apples with broccoli, and being completely divorced from the facts of the case,” she wrote in a Tuesday email.