Operating System

My Desktop is Dell Inspiron 580s.
Recently i upgraded my pc as Intel i5 650 processor + 6gb ram.
I’m confused which OS, What should i choose between “Debian 10.5 Buster Gnome” or “Window 10” as 64 bit ?
Please help me…


Depends on your needs

If ur daily user with not so much tech savvy skills then W10 would be great.

But if you are tech savvy and much into it then yea Linux distros would be fine


HEADS UP - Debian doesn’t have wireless connection (WiFi)

for real can’t one add an external or wbt an ethernet…

I don’t think that’s true.

Linux is not for everyone.
It has quite a steep learning curve.
Go with Windows 10 and install Linux as a VM if you want to experiment with it.

Are you new in Linux world? If yes, you should consider install Linux Mint. It’s a perfect distro for newbie.

Debian is recommended only for advance to intermediate user.


With ethernet only it will work, that is wired connection

I have used ubuntu, centos, debian, linux mint distros

I don’t think so…

Just take windows, add virtual box and whenever you feel tired slam open valorant or csgo.
I know wine. But gates bhaisab really want you have windows.

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