OpenBSD Mail Server Bug Allowed Remotely Executing Shell Commands As Root

This week a remotely-exploitable vulnerability (granting root privileges) was discovered in OpenSMTPD (OpenBSD’s implementation of server-side SMTP).

ZDNet notes that the library’s “portable” version “has also been incorporated into other OSes, such as FreeBSD, NetBSD, and some Linux distros, such as Debian, Fedora, Alpine Linux, and more.”

To exploit this issue, an attacker must craft and send malformed SMTP messages to a vulnerable server… OpenSMTPD developers have confirmed the vulnerability and released a patch earlier Wednesday – OpenSMTPD version 6.6.2p1

  • The good news is that the bug was introduced in the OpenSMTPD code in May 2018 and that many distros may still use older library versions, not affected by this issue. For example, only in-dev Debian releases are affected by this issue, but not Debian stable branches, which ship with older OpenSMTPD versions.

Technical details and proof of concept exploit code are available in the Qualys CVE-2020-7247 security advisory.

Hackaday has a more detailed description of the vulnerability, while the Register looks at the buggy C code.

Interestingly, Qualys researchers exploited this vulnerability using a technique from the Morris Worm of 1988.