NEW FACEBOOK I'd Hack New Tools! You can do hacking without logging in to Termux! ID will be hacked more easily!

Hey 1Hackers I am muneebwanee. I’ll show you how to hack Facebook account using Termux App. You do not need to login to any Facebook account tools for this work.
So first enter the app and enter the commands.

First of all, you have to give the Termux app with storage permission. So type,

  • termux -setup-storage
  • ls then some will actually ALLOW

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y


pkg install python

pkg install python2

pkg install git -y

git clone


=> ls

=> cd bhot

=> ls

=> python2

Then some writing will come. After that you have to give the username and password of the tool.

  • USERNAME: botol
  • PASSWORD: botol

I will change the password of the tool very soon. For those whose passwords don’t work, keep an eye on our group to get the updated password of the tool, the group will be informed about the updated passwords.

After logging in to Tools, you will get the main menu. Here you will see the names of all the SIMs in Bangladesh. If you want to hack the normal accounts from the Facebook accounts opened with GP SIM, then select GP, or select another one.

Here you can see some code. Such as: 171, 172, 173. So you select any one. Suppose you select 171. Then all the GP numbers starting with 0179 in our country with which the Facebook account has been opened and the security is normal will be hacked.

Soon after the attack starts you will get a lot of IDs. It will largely depend on your net connection.

#### Note: No one else will get the account you get. Bix will create randomly numbers here. At present, 6 lakh mobile numbers will be automatically generated during each attack . So when you open the tool for the first time, it will open a little slow. However, in a few days, I will try to increase the number of mobile numbers to 20 lakh, as well as add some more countries here.

So this was today’s post. Hope everybody understands. If it is difficult to understand somewhere, then you must comment. And I will come up with the tools for ’ Automatic Gmail Cracking ’ very soon . There will be no need to login. Until then, stay well, stay healthy and stay with TricBD, as well as stay with the bottle.



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