Need help in downloading youtube Video

I want to download youtube live video which is posted as a video after ending of stream.
One of my professors teaches on Youtube LIve but after end of the stream, after 2-3 minutes he makes it private. But if i don’t refresh my i can still see the whole stream again, watch any part of video again or any part which wasn’t cached earlier too . So that means i have access to the video where it is saved till i reload the webpage.
So is there any way/ trick/ script by which i can download the Video during the 2-3 minutes time? or is there any way that as sir teaches live the video automaticaly keep getting saved in my drive USING GOOGLE COLAB or any other method ?
by the way I’ve tried downloading the video with all YT downloaders/ IDM till the video is public after end of the stream for few minutes but it always download a an mp4 file in few hundre KBs file which is like 7-10 seconds of the video which is originally like 2hrs few minutes
I’ve also tried to recover it from google chrome cache, but it also doesn’t works
PS: I can’t Screen record, please don’t suggest it

tried this?

class will end at 2 PM i’ll try then

Download this:

It also works for other platforms, vimeo, wistia etc…

if it is live unlisted stream then it can’t be downloaded. i don’t know why. even if unlisted stream is made public after streaming then also it can’t be downloaded. i already tried the famous 2 downloaders – IDM & Video Download Helper!

tried it but sir made it private as soon as the stream ended. I had opened video in one more tab so i was able to still watch the video in that tab and click on any part of the video in progress bar even after it was made private.

use youtube-dl to download/record the livestream

replace your video URL with
you will be redirected to a download page

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A paid, high-tech solution
Get a VPS ($5/month)
Write a script that takes a youtube link, opens video in fullscreen, screen records it and saves to disk. (Web scraping)
Run the script on the VPS just before your lecture starts.
Do anything else while the script does its job automatically.

can you share details about how to do it or any post/video for it if available ?

Go through these, You will get all the solutions:

Copy youtube url - open another tab - go to this website - - then paste the youtube url in to the empty box check the mp4 button - then hit convert - after it converts it I to a mp4. It will have a download button, click that button and enjoy.

dude try allavsoft u can download it even during the live i think

u can download it from here

Thank you very much dude, youtube-dl is working if i use it directly, i don’t know why it is not working with google collab. Also is there any way that live video i’m saving using youtube dl starts saving the video from start of the stream instead of from when i start youtube dl.

Also why can’t i reply to 2 comments one after one, this website tells me wait for other participants reply or something like that

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