Need a YouTube thumbnail pack

Hello everyone, I recently started a gaming channel but I’m not sure how I can make good looking or say attractive thumbnails. Does anyone have any pack of thumbnail or any site where I can download?

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You want to use some other people’s thumbnails? That’s pretty lame dude, there are programs that create snapshots and screencaps of your videos very easily. Just do it yourself, be original.


I meant templates bro. Also, I beleive in doing it by myself. Just for some ideas

Here are some sites To make thumnail using templates (Free) - (THE ABSOLUTE BEST, Also Recommended.) (Free For limited no. of thumbs)
And the easiest and original way is to take a snap shot of the best moment of ur video then edit it anywhere.
For example - I use - (Free and easy to use)
I will add more if i remember!


you can use my services to design.

If you play CS:GO, you can go to these links for THUMBNAIL PACK Developed by
Download (Link 1):


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I have a site
where you can download youtube thumbnail of other creators by keywords
like: pubg kills, adsense blocked etc
Then you can edit the thumbnail a bit to make it copyrighted free

I don’t want to promote here, let me know If you want to know the link

Hi Bro,

Can you also tell me the site where I can download youtube umnail of other creators by keywords. thanks

snappa allows only one download of one project.
and canva is the best

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if you want any help regarding CANVA and snapp i’am there in my PM

Friendly Websites