Need a way to download Huge Files (9GB+) from Rapidgator

I want a way to download premium files from Rapidgator
Solutions like CBox , Transloaders , Premium Link Generators etc.

I am giving a sample rapidgator link for example.

Kindly help

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Please search before, There are over 15 topic already exist with the possible solution.

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@SaM i have tried all methods but none are working…

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I saw all of them , i could not download this and some other files in my pending list from rapidgator , thats why i posted this .

Come’on man i am neither stupid nor crazy . :slight_smile:
I checked all of them , i dont know if i missed any but none of the solution worked .

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Google Is Your Friend Then Go ahead and get your solution because all the possible ones exist already. else wait for someone and see if they get anything to help you out.

Check all your books before making any shout, I gave you that searching link, To let you know, If there is same subject exist, then better to Post a comment on any of them instead of making a separate topic. It does make sense, Isn’t it?.

Meant no disrespect , but i have exhausted my resources , wasted a week over this.

I am not shouting .!!!
Sorry man , didn’t know your intentions earlier .

It does not make sense i agree , but
none of the posts actually told about above 2 gb files .
thats why made the post actually .

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Let it go, mate, Let it go, I already said Let it go. and there is nothing else remain. if there is any possibility to push this question, then ask on an existing topic. NEW POST NOT WELCOME.

And I also know what brand’s course you’re trying to get, Read above and follow on. Furthermore, this topic got approved at my back, I’m sure you understand now.

Now allow me to mention:

I’m sure you get that point, how to download Udemy’s course from rapidgator link, or how to download course via rapidgator link, or how to download this file from rapidgator, 6 is 6, and 9 is 9.

Have a nice day!

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