MY DAD FACEBOOK ACCOUNT KEEP GETTING HACKED 20x I already changed the password it's still getting hack email is mine and phone number is mine

I already changed everything phone number, email address but still it’s still getting hacked
The password is super strong like 100+ unique characters like this “U^%hh!tD3TC?w&_^V7UXjhyqr%[email protected]+%3^z#BUsSzahqdPtfx&DGnyzn8$q!ksZQ%XqL65czu=YCn_5q%$m3J2A$jR2a&-t7VX^SH#+BbRF7_kMaKjgLaa8pa^[email protected]@^ZU?56s^pU%m^u%q$fa8ZrKWHhaf8pHPF-ekGjngYGwDgc$YpMe$gdfJCTxf!g$SFhdNgALREf9Bf?^qsEYqXmszhYshXWSYrD-asfGa9h6#2=2” BUT STILL GETTING HACK

Please help!

This feels like a keylogger has been installed on your PC browser. You might want to run a scan using MalwareBytes or Bitdefender. That’s pretty much my guess.


Just add a 2FA. It should help.


May I first know the device you are using for facebook.


if you are already using a 2FA then one of your devices you are using for Facebook are mirrored


First of all you should loggedout from all devices which has a option for portable facebook apps

Then scan your device for possible trojan , keylogger etc then activate 2 factor Authentication aka 2FA

Secure the mail address password , security questions as well


If your dad use mostly a computer when using Facebook, it could be that there’s a malware/keylogger installed in the pc or browser itself.

If your dad uses mobile phone mostly, then you should remind him not to click on ANY LINKS forwarded via messages or any tagged notifications. Facebook accounts are getting hacked nowadays via spammy links though so a user must be careful on clicking those links.

I think you should write fisthack on telegram or on protonmail

Don’t use same device for logging , password changing
use a new device and change password from that device
Logout from third party app
Don’t run internet in all old devices which used for logging previously
It’s because of trojan or a 3rd party app has permission to access password
Good luck

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@Procedric20 He meant if you have access to your account then immediately logout from all devices that connected including apps as well.

You have a summary on Facebook to see current and recent login logs so, you always have ability to logout devices that you don’t use anymore or lost access to them.

A tip: Always use login approval function for your personal or business accounts.

Good luck!

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