Multi Find | Highlight text, links, & images across tabs

Highlight text, links, and images across tabs.

MultiFind is a search enhancement tool that allows you to look for words/phrases, images, and links. It also has a bulk import tool to allow you to monitor multiple elements simultaneously. This tool works across web pages and passively.



If you’ve been following what I’ve been writing or listening to the podcast, you know I’m a fan of OSINT tools and have been wanting to get into the OSINT tool game for a while. However, I’ve realized that many people aren’t necessarily tech savvy enough to regularly work with Python written tools nor am I a skilled enough Python developer to make a tool that could be considered above average in value. So I’ve spent some time on the drawing board brainstorming ideas about tools I can make that will add value to the OSINT community without reinventing the wheel. I’ve been greatly inspired about what Justin Seitz has been able to create with Hunchly and I like the fact that it’s useful for people of all specialties in backgrounds. In studying it’s value to the market, I’ve noticed something important: don’t reinvent the wheel, create a tool that enhances the current user experience rather than seeking to change it. In this realization, MultiFind was born. Instead of convincing you to change your process, I simply want to make your process better . MultiFind is now in BETA for version 1 (v1) and will have 2 to 3 more iterations before it’s complete. Let’s break the tool down a bit.

Features – v1

v1 of MultiFind is intended to be the most basic, raw version of the tool in order to demonstrate the concept. Here’s what MultiFind does in its current form:

  1. MultiFind will highlight not only words and phrases, but also links and images (currently recognized by image links).
  2. MultiFind will “lock” in your selection and continue to highlight across multiple web pages/tabs.

What Problem Does MultiFind Solve?

MultiFind solves two problems even in its current form (v1). It allows you to select links and images (which Ctrl + F does not) and it locks your selection across web pages, saving you time and streamlining your workflow (you don’t have to press Ctrl + F + Enter every time you go to a new web page). In future versions MultiFind, even more value will be added, creating a passive enhancement to your research.

To use MultiFind, simply highlight the word or phrase you want to search for, right click, and select MultiFind. If searching for an image or link, right click the element and select MultiFind. It’s that easy!