Mullvad VPN | How To Get One For Free ⭐

Mullvad VPN

is often considered the most secure VPN on the market

Just check out

In this thread I will show you how to get this VPN for absolutely free and make you safer on the internet!

  1. Download the official Mullvad VPN app from here

  2. Login using the following ID (only password needed):


Backup: 8178661060208155

  1. If VPN won’t connect it is because more than 5 users are using the VPN at the moment, see below for solution

Windows - Chrome / Edge / Brave:


Right-click on your desktop shortcut to Chrome, Edge, or Brave and select Properties. Then add the following to the end of the Target (the field at the top) after the text that is already there. Make sure to first put one empty space after the current text and then add this:

When using WireGuard protocol:


When using OpenVPN protocol:


Then click on OK.

For Firefox:


Check this if you are confused!


Feedback & appreciate the share!


Hi Thank you… :sunglasses:


Thanks ! Good one! it is working fine

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didn’t work for me
and now application not starting

Broooooo :smiley: muchas gracias @SaM


great job,tnx a lot <3


Sam Bro
Nullvad or Mullvad little confusion

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Thanks, works great.

to mars 2022!!! :grin:

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Will this only work for 7 days?

In my notification tab I cant able to see the notification whom I followed So anyone help me out in this or is this the website issue…

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It works very well. Thanks

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thank you so much! will you be posting more when these ones expire?

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