MoneyPrinter | Create YouTube Shorts Without Any Effort 💰

MoneyPrinter | Create YouTube Shorts Without Any Effort :moneybag:

MoneyPrinter - Automate Creation of YouTube Shorts using MoviepPy

Create YouTube Shorts without any effort, simply by providing a video topic to talk about.


git clone
cd MoneyPrinter

# Install requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Copy .env.example and fill out values
cp .env.example .env

# Run the backend server
cd Backend

# Run the frontend server
cd ../Frontend
python -m http.server 3000

See .env.example for the required environment variables.

If you need help, open for more information.


  1. Copy the .env.example file to .env and fill in the required values
  2. Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser
  3. Enter a topic to talk about
  4. Click on the “Generate” button
  5. Wait for the video to be generated
  6. The video’s location is temp/output.mp4


Add your fonts to the fonts/ folder, and load them by specifiying the font name on line 124 in Backend/


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


See LICENSE file for more information.

GitHub Page

Version 2 Is Here


Appreciate the share & feedback! don’t be cheap!


Thank you so much for sharing this! :raised_hands:


thank you, @SaM

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Thank SAM, another priceless skill being taught!

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Any tutorial how to install this for a non coder background

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Their Github page explains everything… You can find support in their Discord server. Version 2 is out BTW…

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I’m having difficulties trying to get the tiktok ID. Any idea on how to get that stuff working? I definitely have the burning desire to found it, that is the obstacle blocking me from finding new heights in life