Mimicry | Security Tool For Active Deception In Exploitation And Post-Exploitation


Mimicry is a security tool developed by Chaitin Technology for active deception in exploitation and post-exploitation.

Active deception can live migrate the attacker to the honeypot without awareness. We can achieve a higher security level at a lower cost with Active deception.

:fire: Demo


:joystick: Quick Start

1. Make sure docker, docker-compose is installed correctly on the machine

docker info
docker-compose version

2. Install honeypot service

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

3. Deploy deception tool on other machines

update config.yaml,replace ${honeypot_public_ip} to the public IP of honeypot service

4. Perform Webshell deceiving

./mimicry-tools webshell -c config.yaml -t php -p webshell_path

:memo: Advance Usage

Tool Description
Web-Deception Fake vulnerabilities in web applications
Webshell-Deception live migrate webshell to the honeypot
Shell-Deception live migrate ReverseShell/BindShell to the honeypot

:houses: Contact Us

  1. You can make bug feedback and feature suggestions directly through GitHub Issues.
  2. You can join the discussion group on Discord .