Microsoft Word Tips To Make Your College Writing Easier | 6 Tips 💯


With more than 100 million active users a month for Office 365 and 7 million users on Word, it’s safe to say that Microsoft Word is the most widely used office suites on the planet. It’s a reliable program people can depend on.

Everything you will ever need to review or write is integrated into the program, making it a trustworthy option for any individual or business. But, as a student, to make the most of it, it’s a good idea to know all the tips and tricks this program can offer to help you make the ultimate writing assignment. If you are stuck on a research paper or any assignment for that matter, you might want to consider a review on Eduzaurus. Hiring a professional writing service can help with any difficulty level project. No matter how time-consuming or complex it may be. Writers, like any content specialist, are experienced professionals that do in-depth research and can write the work for you if you have little time to spare.

6 Microsoft Word Paper Writing Tips for College Students

A lot of college students are using Microsoft Word today. It has been polished and updated over the years countless times. Here are six handy tips that can help students maximize Microsoft Word to its full potential for any writing project or college paper.

1. Experiment With Styles and Templates to Make the Paper Look Better

Writing a simple paper is not that catchy. What you want is to capture the attention of the reader, and the best way to do it is with visualization. It makes the whole project look more trustworthy and easy to get into.

To do that, simply choose a template by hovering the mouse above the Quick Access Toolbar on the left, select “File” and then “New.” Choose any of the premade templates to give your paper a nice touch and a reliable feel to it. You can add styles by selecting the options from the Quick Access Toolbar in the “Home” menu. If you think this is too much work for a simple writing project, you can ask a reliable writing service to do the work for you. That way, you can save yourself the trouble of writing the piece yourself and will only have to review it in the end. This is an effective, safe, and efficient method for completing any college project.

2. Make Your Life Easier With Shortcuts

Microsoft Word has plenty of shortcuts you can use that are safe, efficient, reliable, and productive. When you are writing a huge paper or a project, you want to save all the time you can. By pasting, cutting, inserting, and saving with shortcuts, you will be able to navigate through your assignment much quicker. Here are a couple of shortcuts you can use.

Shortcuts Purpose
CTRL+S Saves the project
CTRL+O Opens a current document
F12 Launches the “Save As” dialog
F1 Launches the “Help” windowpane
CTRL+X Cuts the selected section
CTRL+V Pastes the cut or copied section
CTRL+C Copies a selected section
Hold ALT and scroll It scrolls to the end of the document much quicker than dragging the cursor manually
CTRL+Backspace Removes a section/text

3. Get Rid of All Formatting With a Simple Click

Sometimes texts can be disorganized, colored, bolded, or covered with a shade. What you want for your paper to make it look legit is to remove all the incorrect formatting. The good thing is, you don’t have to do that manually by deselecting every option across the text. Instead, you can press the “Clear All Formatting” option right in the Quick Access Toolbar in the “Home” section. It has the letter “A” and an eraser right next to it. If you’ve already written your paper, but you have no idea if it’s formatted properly, you might need a writing service review. You can find such reviews on That way, you will make sure that your paper is free of plagiarism and has the proper format.

4. Prepare the Format Before You Get to Writing

Sometimes it is a lot easier to create a general outline and just fill in the blanks. That way, all the paragraphs will have a proper flow. To do that, make a list of the intro, main body, random facts, and the final part of the paper. When you are done with the outline, you can add the text later.

5. Don’t Forget the Footnotes

Every trustworthy research paper has footnotes. The more it has, the more legit the content is, especially if you’ve used safe and reliable sites to compile your work. To add a footnote, go to the tab called “References” right above the Quick Access Toolbar and click on the option to add the footnote in the “Footnotes” section.

6. Make Sure You Don’t Go Over the Word Limit

Every essay or paper you write will have a word limit. To check the word number in Word, highlight the text that needs counting and see the number on the bottom left corner of your Word document right next to the page number.

Final Thoughts

It takes a little bit of practice to use Microsoft Word to its full potential. But, the more you play with the options, the better you’ll get. Eventually, you will work with the program like a pro. This will come in handy for any student who wants to save time and still get the work done.