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Wow, Keep going SAM

I get this error - Your current account type is not supported

But i’m using edu email, which is working fine with Google Drive

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It might be issue, Because there are different kind of Edu mails providers not sure which one get works, Read this post, It contains the sources of the best and unique Edu mail access: [SOLVED] Google drive Unlimited Storage


Any suggestions while creating edu emails to make it unique & acceptable in Azure

I mean any specific option to select or not to select while creating edu mail which makes edu mail the type which is required for Azure

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No trick, just keep it default and keep it clean of any violation of any product you use from Edu.

No more replies, please! Let’s stick to the topic, I’m sure someone will get lucky and he/she will mention which Edu does work!


Lios and Sierra college accounts arent working

CRAFTON HILLS COLLEGE’s .edu not working

Working like charm for edu email from microsoft

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Thanks, bud for Confirmation :smiley: Gmail can works easily!

And peoples who try with edu mail, you can try with, Sacremento, Crafton Hills, San Bernardino & Santa Monica Edu mails. Good luck!


didn’t work with my edu mail but I used just Gmail with my empty CC and I got it. Thanks.

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Mine edu also not working of crafton hill college

I got this error, “Your email domain is not currently registered with us. You can choose another verification method.”
@SaM can anyone help me please? thank you in advance.

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Some edu are working some are not

Try with this emails


Working, grab one before offer ends!


Is this normal… I am using, email, and I am being asked to enter working phone number and payment method

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Does ask for CC and Phone Verification, but a great resource especially during this quarantine…
Thanks for share broo

Use this temp mail service for verify Azure instantly:

It is working from my end!

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Still need to confirm my Phone number and verification by card

it doesn’t work, can explain more please

Sign up with this link:

You will need to verify your account with phone.
It didn’t asked for cc for me.

For edu mail:

I’ll make a detailed post if you get trouble.