Method to sent friend request to blocked friends, or even message him/her?

Dear Hackers,
Lets discuss how could we do it.
Probably its a dumb question, but there must be a way to accomplish this.

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Create a new account.

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Yes wait till they unblock you…or create a new {fake} account and start from the ZERO :wink: Assuming you know a lot about that person and you are a good learner who learn from his mistakes you will maybe have a new start pretending to be another one… then reveal your self and assume the consequences of your actions.
Another option just Let Go my Friend


probably you want to get close to her by any means necessary :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Actually 5 years passed , still she blocked me.
But we were friends back in school.

There left no option rather than forgetting her.
Anyway , I will use this method again.

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