Mega Bundle | Huge Graphics Pack | 450GB ⭐

Vectors, Fonts, UI Kits, PSD’s, Templates, and much much more! Credit to Playboy83!

Table of content:

Go To Base64 & Decode:




Oh damn! Very impressive work @SaM dada.


Damn, you da best :heart:


Some kind of very cool and attractive share. Thank you very much.

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Issue solved no need to respond

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Thanks for such a awesome share. Can someone please tell me how can i copy this to my team drive?


use cloud comander easiest tool in colab to copy from shared folder to team drive

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Any guide you can refer me to?

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they are using rclone but i prefer cloud commander becasue it’s gui based

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Awesome stuff, thanx a lot Boss @SaM

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Are you referring to this one

yes it is same but you need to use it in colab w8 i will share script with all the tools for gdrive

Script for gdrive

Open it in colab And make a copy of it
Then mount gdrive and then go to cloud comander present under file transfer tools

then just run that cell and open public url and there u can transfer any file from one drive to another or shared folder to my drive anything

Note:-This Script is not mine i have got it from onehack forum and added some of my codes according to my needs and sharing it back again

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If u are transfering from shared folder make sure to make a shortcut of shared folder in your drive otherwise it will not be visible in cloud comander

Thanks , This will be really helpful.

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thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing, Sam.

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Thanks A lot Bro So Perfect :slight_smile:

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