Manufactured Coronavirus to Get Access to Global Population Bodies | The 5G Network Cover | What's your Point Of View?

Coronavirus is a cover for 5G.

Just thought I’l share this with this great forum…


►FULL video of Dr Polly Heil-Mealey:



From the video…

What we’re looking at now very clearly is this attempt to play that card of — “mass global immunization:earth_americas:

  • with a excuse of this manufactured virus to get access to the the bodies the body computer systems, :label: :mag:

As I will say of almost everyone on the planet and they’re not doing that because they want to protect us with many thing, crikey the force that saying… :lying_face: :clap: :skull_and_crossbones:

Be vaccinated, is the force that created the virus, which they’re saying be vaccinated against, :man_shrugging:

  • they’re doing this to get access to the global population for very very malevolent reasons :japanese_goblin: :see_no_evil: :mask:

And what people need to realize is that!

These families do not come from the same perspective of life and respect that we do! :revolving_hearts:

They see humans like cattle nothing, more than cattle and most humans see cattle… :cow2: :warning: :pill: :plate_with_cutlery:

They therefore have no empathy! With the consequences for the human population of their actions!

So if people say they’d never do that may, no no, :pensive:

  • You’d never do that :slight_smile:

  • They do it all the time! :mask: :expressionless: :moneybag: :smiling_imp:

Stand Up People and Spread This Video Far and Wide!!!

Go to YouTube and Download It and Spread This Information, This is Some Serious Shit!!!

Do Not Fall for the Bullshit Out There, Please Brothers and Sisters Please!!!


Thank you for the up @Lizabeth_Torres that a lot to digest! :no_mouth:

Also, thank you @TheJoker for the edit! :+1:


Thanks Joker, for help me make this global…

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Stop spreading Bs conspiracy theories :disappointed:


It’s up with a discussion tag, so that we can all take part and drop our opinions! :slight_smile:

ya i agree but all the ppl who r being swayed into such Conspiracy theories without knowing facts is what scares me :neutral_face:

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5g has nothing to do with this virus

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The post should be taken down


everyone here in this forum have an opinion. for what you want to delete this post you can comment : i don’t agree

5G works on 300GHz band, and it needs to be over 1 million GHz to be dangerous for humans…

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This is why i wanted the post taken down :rofl:

Hi FlashFlash, hope you are well. I only shared a video link that was forward to me. As a society or even by humans nature sometimes it’s easier to believe a lie than the truth. Everybody, has a right to difference of opinion. Whether it’s 5G conspiracy or biological terror . All we have to do is take a look at Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Covid-19 Global case Map.
The conspirators behind this, could not make it any more obvious.

Stay Safe, God Bless. :woman_health_worker: