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Malware sucks

i have been using multiple chrome extensions for security but somehow the malware was able to sneak into my system and every time i search for something on chrome, it’ll end up redirecting to yahoo search engine, and this has been pain in the ace, how do i get rid of it without resetting chrome.
P.S - i know about malware bytes but it’s not good unless you purchase it , and cracked versions are not good .

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Can you post a list/screenshot of the installed chrome extensions

i used kaspersky it gives 1 month free trial and can remove malwares i think.
you can try it.

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Antivirus softwares are like wives of internet once you install it, they’ll tell you everything is wrong and we need to start over.

you can get malware bytes free trial


Dude, you’re extensions and plugin which added in chrome or verified one or tested ?? Because not all plugins safe even they claim malware protector and if you use Norton SafeSearch plugin or search plugin tool it will redirect to yahoo as they keep yahoo as their search engine so check plugin settings :slight_smile:

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I had the same same problem, when I was installing extension without even looking at it (For eg. I was looking for the video downloader extension to download videos from any streaming sites.). I faced 2 problems 1st is redirect to yahoo search engine (that currently you are facing) and 2nd is unknowingly ads displays in the google search engine.
For this there are two solution, which I use to get rid of it…
1st- If your are using chrome, then backup or what that word… ha sync your data in the google account and then delete your current chrome and then install new chrome.
2nd- Is that look carefully in the chrome extension, there will be an extension that you didn’t install and got install automatically without your knowing.

If this solution didn’t work for you, then Only God can save you…
That’s all my friend…

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They are verified , i am using Trace, ublock, HTTPS .

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