Make 0.01 BTC For Free | Sportsbook Promo

This promo basically gives you 0.01 btc for free. I already did this myself.

Here is the guide:

Okay guys, this shit is literally free money.
So basically Nitrogen sports gives you a 100% deposit bonus once you become a beta tester of their browser addon.
The most stupid thing about it is that you don’t need to do anything, you can “become a beta tester” as they call it, then get your deposit doubled (up to 0.01 btc) and withdraw all shit without betting.
This promotion is new, they posted it 2 days ago, you can read the post here:…o-001-BTC-11-24
Its literally a free $160.

Promo is available only for 1 more week so I thought it would be a good idea to share it here



What the Fuc*…!!

could be a scam, don’t deposit anything yet lol


really working

Sorry but this looks like a goddam scam:
" (Update: 2/17/2020) Nitrogen Sports has zero official extensions on any browser"

For me this is a scam watch out.


So guys it is already proved scam don’t get into and those who already made into it delete the extension and deposit.

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A bit more info on this:
So, I downloaded the extension and read the “main.js” file. Weird enough the code wasn’t obfuscated. It is just a simple js code many of us could be able to write it.

-> The scammer is replacing the bitcoin address to his bitcoin account ie. 1EwvDZRco1SE5CdwH5rNS5K6i9WrsRhWQ9

-> No matter who downloads the extension the, he/she will get the scammer’s bitcoin address only.

-> There is no Double Deposit Promo given by the website. The scammer is just adding it through the extension.

-> Good thing is the extension is not making any XHR request to any website. So, it doesn’t leak any credentials like cookies or email ID (if u have added like me :sweat_smile:).

I kind of appreciate the simplicity and laziness of the scammer.
Do not add money to the site. Also, please verify stuff before posting.


how can we report scam users in onehack :slight_smile:

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I think the Post & as well as user should remain here, so it’ll be helpful for others.
It can keep us as well as others (aware).
Others can Prevent themselves from these type of attacks

But the title should be changed to “A Big Scam by Sportsbook
or anything else.

@SaM , What you think chief…??

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