Looking for some people for manage a forum

Hey everyone. So I have this idea of opening up a forum (more like a marketplace). It’s all done but I don’t want to launch it without the help of at least a few people. So I’m looking for some administrators/moderators (who are also sellers. This could give us a jump start). Should have basic knowledge of moderating a forum. Kindly PM me if anyone interested, we can discuss further then.

@SaM - Kindly let me know if this is not allowed.


Let me know how I could help mate wiuth further details

Still looking for like 2 people

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you may have me…

@FlashyFlash see this

Can you post a link to your forum so i can a look please.

I’m interested, I have started a forum too, I would love to help you :slight_smile:

Ya,not interested…sry
and he even hasn’t mentioned what his forums gonna be about
and having some random ppl picked like this for forum admin is definitely not a good idea

Who said it’s going to be some random people? and I explained what is the forum about already and don’t want to post links or anything here as It’s not that ethical :slight_smile:

@SaM Please close this too.


He doesn’t pick random people