Looking for help to solve ads issue

My website has over 1000 traffic a month. It provides premium courses. Similar website like me showing google ads on their websites. I have account with google ads but afraid that if they find out that my website shares all high level courses on dirt cheap price, they might ban my website from google search and google ads. that’s why I am looking for alternative ad network that don’t care about legal issues and provide ads on my website, so I can monetize the website. **


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Hey Man,

First of all, the earning from ads are too low believe me. But, if we you still want the ads then following are the trusted alternatives -

  1. Properller Ads - I installed this on my site along with adsence, i can’t say it worked the way it should be but you have no other options.

  2. Media.net - I have heard about but never used. Please have a look from your end.


I am going to suggest to you the best in the market. Don’t Go For Google Adsense. They Pay Not enough let just say they don’t pay 1$ per 1000 Visitors.


Just go for Ezoic ads. They are the best. Ezoic will increase your overall income better than Google Adsense. you can also watch reviews on youtube about ezoic. They are 100% authentic.

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2. AdEx Network

If you are a fan of crypto and you want your earnings in cryptocurrency then adex network is best. It pays Really Well. You Can Check their site here.

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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