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Hi I’m totally new to logo design. I just saw some cool logos and wanted to learn skill. Can. Anyone suggest me which app and learning resources I hook into.
suggestions are welcome
Thanks for helping me
Logo designer level: Zero
Status: courious, low on pocket money


The best app for logo design is Adobe Illustrator but there are other alternatives like Corel Draw which is also good for vector-based work. Personally, I prefer Illustrator.

You can logo design tutorials on youtube or you a month-long trial on Skillshare. Just search on this Forum how to do that.



Try to learn the basics first…like the vectors, color scheme & design composition then try to use noob friendly logo maker software which will help you to get the basic idea. Then try to use illustrator for deep learning. All the best.


Instead of Adobe Illustrator you can try Affinity Designer. It has most of the Adobe features without all the bloat. It is a great alternative and many tutorials on YouTube on how to use it. This is my go to for when I make logos. Also photoshop is good for beginners making logos, you might want to try it.


Logo Design is an interesting and lucrative business but before using the tool you should learn design principles like color theory and its psychological effects and symbolism will be added advantage because logo always representing vision and mission but it’s not applicable for all logo making the above stated is for campaign logo making, Rest will be design and attractive.

Watch following links

I will update other references


I learned logo design from skillshare with adobe illustrator…its far best
you will learn about basic tools like pen tool, shape builder tool, gradients and many other.

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I can teach you one on one class if your happy to learn. I am a creative director and a professional graphic designer who worked with more than 350 clients globally. I have 12+ years of experience.
inbox me if you wanted to have a private class. ( Totally free) One hack has helped and educated me in a lot of ways I would like to contribute to real learners. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your valuable response.