Let Bots Make Your Living While You Sleep | Make $3,000-$6,000 {LEGIT WAY

This method here will make you able to make $3,000-$6,000 (all depends on the work you put in) a month with no issues.

Automated Crypto Trading Bot is a method in which a cloud cryptocurrency trading software lets you take advantage of crypt market fluctuations. Connecting Bots to your exchange and trade 24/7 without making it a full-time job. There is free and paid planes. Always go with Paid plane as it gives you more than 100 Bots so Success rate increases up to 99% also multiple profit up to 600%

1- Go sign up at ( highly legit site you can check reviews on google )
2- Connect to HitBTC
3- Navigate to Settings - Top Up - BTC or ETH Then deposit 30$
4- Navigate to Settings - Under your plane choose settings - Change plan - HitBTC Promo - Choose 1 Month - confirm
5- Now the generated profit will be used to auto prolongation for next months
6- Go To Create Bot ( Make Sure Access point is set to HITBTC ) - Startegy ( Long ) - Quote currency ( USDT )
7- Click next
8- Template ( Starter Grid bot long BTC-USDT )
9- VERY IMPORTANT: Edit the following parameters
Take profit target(%): Step of extra order(%): Max. extra orders: 1.4 1 2
10- Order volume : 10 USDT
11- Top Up your balance with 10 USDT to the shown address
12- Click Next
13- Signals turn on RSI
14- Start
15- Create new bot with the same steps but choose ETH-ADA For STEP 5 then again new bot with BTC-ETH and USDT-LTC

*Leave the bots auto running and never stop it. After 24 hours your profit margin will be at least 300$
**Now You can cashout profit to BTC directly or to PayPal.


Sorry, but I don´t know the site where I can get the bots.

sign up at?

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Maybe it’s a scam, and Onehack bot auto cut the website. :grinning:


hhi guys this methods is free because i don’t have any money to start ?

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should be simple and free at start

I think so…!



did anyone tried it ??? is it working??


Is anyone tested this method, please give us review.
Thanks in advance.

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Here is a nice video covering everything you need to know


This might be a legit website, but i dont think you will be able to make $3000-6000 on your beginning months with an investment capital of $50-100. I just started with algo trading and beleive me, these numbers are insane.

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So right now what amount is really coming n your pocket?
can you give us easy method!!!

I havent really made any money yet, im still papertrading(trading in simulation). But remember that making even 0.2% a day consistently is an insane amount of money. 0.2% every day roughly translates to 73% a year and thats simply insane (you can get more returns while trading penny stocks but the risk involved is also quite high and you cant trade with a large amount).
Note that im not against this website, im just saying you to lower your expectations.


Forget crypto bots. I want to know how this guy made this youtube thumbnail photo look like an illustration :heart_eyes:

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Yeah I tried to follow all these steps but I can’t do step 15, the options don’t exist for me…

Also, when you “Top Up”, it has to be in the right area as Trade Santa’s “Top Up” is for subscriptions only from the settings menu…

Can Someone confirm this?

is it really work?

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It’s legit… Take your time and go through it. I am still putting in the 300 some odd currency pairs. Vry intensive. I hope the original poster is right. Because it’ll take me like 6 hours to even put half of them pairs in.

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