Laptop: Display Problem

Hello 1Hack Members,

I am using Dell Inspiron 3521. The problem is with display. When the display is at 90 degree the screen flickers with ping and green colours

and when it is set to the max the display works well.

I have visited service centre for it but they told we need to replace display and it will cost Rs.10000. But my doubt is if my laptop screen is working at max angle then why not at 90 degree? and if anyone has any fix reply to this topic.

Thanks in advance for help.

Visit a laptop hardware shop. The problem is not with the display. There is a cable which is connecting to the display and motherboard. That cable is damaged.


Check this out for further info:

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The display problem is due to a bad display flex cable.

You can find this on Amazon.

And that should fix the issue.

Its a graphic driver problem please uninstall and reinstall the drivers. If the laptop still have that problem … downgrade your driver version and see… I have this problem in one of my laptop recently… I think its a compatibility with Windows 10 and graphics. You can also reinstall the windows… best of luck and at last please uninstall your graphics driver… you can not find that problem. it is after installing the driver…definitely. :slight_smile: