Joyn Plus+ | Discovery+ For 12 Month For Free | Limited Time ⭐


More series & shows before TV broadcast

More Live TV with 6 Pay TV channels

More originals and exclusives

All PLUS+ content without ads

Brilliant HD quality

In addition, a voucher for 12 months of discovery+*

It’s that easy

  • Subscribe to Joyn PLUS+
  • Receive a discovery+ voucher
  • Register with discovery+
  • Redeem voucher and start streaming


Appreciate the share & feedback! don’t be cheap!


Thanks SAM, Well I tried but its a pretty long way to get Discovery Plus.

I subscribed to Joyn PLUS+ just fine but then once I got my voucher and I tried to redeem that I was not able to bypass the payment on the Discovery+ payment screen and Paypal wouldn’t work due to the country on account mismatch.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of creating another paypal and finding a BIN.

Posting my voucher here if anyone wants it.

Link to redeem -


Good Luck, Cheers!


@SaM Thank you. German vpn required as the content is region restricted.

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did not worked for me.
it was taking me to paypal
bad luck
and voucher is not valid now

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i registered but did not get coupon code nor in email

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I used your voucher. And it works. Once you have linked paypal for your subscription, simply go to paypal options and cancel subscription.
And you have to be from Germany or use a VPN.

Cool that you were able to make use of the Voucher. I did use the VPN but the payment wouldn’t go through maybe because I didn’t have a Germany card, but happy that you got it. Cheers!

Promotion code already used

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The irony lol, Discovery Plus has a black friday deal going on right now with 3 months of subscription for 1 dollar. Guess what? I bought it and there isn’t a single show I like… :joy: