is there any way to get USA / UK address?

Hi members! i want to ask a question is there any way to get USA / UK address for sign up on the website like: revolut, paypal for shipping cards which redirects to my original country address free or in cheap rates?

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Virtual mailbox Can help you U can search use them on any service even to verify your google adsense pin or youtube adsense pin Or u can even use them as your virtual address For Website you don’t want to reveal your real address

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Can you give me any specific link? there are many site when I search Virtual mailbox

Are u from india? Or usa?

For indians This is A good mailbox :-Indianmailbox

I’m from Pakistan

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Try Tip Trans you will get 5 address including UK, Germany, China , Hong Kong, Czech Republic for free pay only when you receive anything Tip Trans

@zeeshaandiv if you only want addresses then check this site: